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Founded in 2007 by Grammy Award-winning Producer/Writer/Engineer Scott Jacoby, Eusonia is a pioneering independent label dedicated to creating and releasing timeless, artistic, trend-setting music, regardless of restrictive genres, categories and radio formats. Borrowing liberally from Greek and Latin roots, the word Eusonia means “Home of Good Music”. At Eusonia, art comes before commerce, innovation before mimicry, integrity before celebrity, music before everything.



Maiysha’s This Much Is True, marks the arrival of a striking new figure in contemporary soul music. The debut album from the Brooklyn-based writer/artist is elegant and intelligent, hook-laden and envelope-pushing – the kind of new sound that landed the first single “Wanna Be” a 2009 Grammy nomination in the Best Urban/Alternative Performance category. Eusonia has released three Maiysha albums.

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Zach Deputy

There is nothing out there like Zach Deputy. Truly a one-man band, he is a powerhouse of performance, a technical wizard, a human groove machine, an unstoppable touring act, a live-looping master, and an iconic charismatic presence worthy of cult-leader status. On his album, Another Day, we see the other side of Deputy; reflective and introspective, it provides a glimpse at the soul of a true singer-sonwriter.

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Hailing from her native Norway, Silya is all about energy, soul, and contrasts. She blends the best of modern pop, soul, funk, and rock with her unique powerhouse vocals and quirky lyrical genius. Silya’s album titled, “Peel Away” is a semi-live organic soulful stew of old and new Silya songs marinating in the inspirations of Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Bjork, Edith Piaf, and Mike Patton.

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My Last Day Without You - Soundtrack

The critically-acclaimed Soundtrack for the award-winning film My Last Day Without You features actress Nicole Beharie, as well as a diverse assembly of other notable soulful artists: Maiysha, Carolyn Malachi, Autumn Rowe, Billy White, Skeetabugg, Kokayi, and Tom Barber. The title track of the Soundtrack was nominated for Best Original Song in the 2012 Black Reel Awards.

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Scott Jacoby

Eusonia Founder, Scott Jacoby, better known as a Producer, started his career as a recording artist. In 2004, the first single, I Like You, from Scott’s debut album, Before Now, rose to number one on the charts in Japan. Released in 2008, his sophomore album, After, is a collection of Scott singing songs that he wrote for other artists. The album features guest vocals from Jerome Collins, Maiysha, and Skeetabugg.

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This Brooklyn-bred songstress’s soulful sound incorporates hip-hop, jazz and funk


A new prog-soul diva arrives fully formed with designs on Alicia Key’s crown


Rising jamband star Zach Deputy is a one-man dance party


Eusonia Records releases Grammy-studded Soundtrack for Major Motion Picture


A soulful organic record with experimental instrumentation showing a more artsy side of SiLyA


Maiysha’s This Much Is True: Genre-defying debut


One-man band Zach Deputy loses beard, gains insight


A definite genius can be felt from Scott Jacoby’s anticipated


You might mistake Jacoby for
the second coming of Sly Stone

– EL